Why I support Occupy Wall Street

I am sick of being apathetic. My government doesn’t listen to me, my opinions, or even my money (because it’s not enough).

So why do I support Occupy Wall Street?

  • Because a corporation can out-lobby me with dedicated lobbyists while I have to lobby my representatives in between school, work, and having a life (see above).
  • Because I believe that human beings are more important that corporations or even money.
  • Because I believe that a government should represent its PEOPLE not its CORPORATIONS.
  • Because I believe that corporations have altered our government and our  laws to make the most short term money without consideration for their clients or employees but only for the corporation’s bottom line and its CEOs.
  • Because I have two college degrees and have virtually no job opportunities in my field until I get a Ph.D. and and even those jobs are disappearing.

We are here beseeching our Government to listen to us. Please don’t continue to ignore and belittle the Occupy Movement, for we are the People of the United States of America and we will be the change we want to see in this world.  I have hope now, and that is why I am joining in support.


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